Committed to Providing Solutions That Deliver Results

At DeJUZ Consulting , the interest of our clients is the focal point of our service. From audit consulting, innovation and marketing consulting , risk management , and providing technology solutions , we are committed to adding value every step of the way and delivering results. Our clients include public companies and large privately held businesses as well as small and middle size firms. We have helped our clients achieve

  • better cash flow
  • improved revenue retention
  • increased profit margins
  • greater control of processes
  • competitive edge through technology
  • reduction of overall losses.

Our fully integrated consulting services cover Educational Institutions, Financial Services, Consumer Business, Technology and Telecommunication, Manufacturing, Health Care, and Government and Education Sectors.

As the leading provider of business consulting , we offer solutions based on the following principles.

Balancing the Business of Higher Education with Your Educational Mission
As a corporate educational consulting, we are guided by clear values in the achievement of organisational objectives. We ensure that our core business is to provide quality education consultancy through professional and efficient services.

Fresh, objective perspective and viable solutions
Our customers benefit from our unbiased and precise assessments covering areas like strategy, human capital management, marketing, production, and overall customer satisfaction. As our customers' success is our top priority, we tailor our services to suit each client and ensure that each project is efficiently managed, ensuring effective return on investment (ROI).

Speedy and Effective Information
Our product and services will allow our clients to make better and faster business decisions and receive quicker feedback in relations to products, services and sales management. Our customers will be equipped with the ability to monitor progress and profitability.

Technology Solutions Services
Using the latest technology, we develop customized software in consultation with our customers. This enables them to enjoy sustained competitive advantage. This is possible with our cost-effective integrated computer-aided design and drafting tool.

Professional Management with Integrity
Equipped with hands-on experience, business and industry knowledge, our dedicated team of consultants is committed to providing customers with effective solutions. This includes insights into practices and trends, both local and global, creating additional value for our clients. Above all, integrity is the core value that governs all aspect of our service.

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