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Balancing the Business of Higher Education with Your Educational Mission.

DeJUZ Consulting as a professional consultancy company, we offer wild range of education consultancy services for parent and students who are interested in pursuing education abroad such as Malaysia, Singapore, Scotland, England, Australia and USA. We provide collaboration with Colleges/Universities for Off Campus Programmes. Educational institution faces enormous challenges in today's rapidly changing business environment. In response to rising operational costs, reductions in funding, and slow endowment growth, students are looking for better way to gain a quality degrees and educational institutions are looking for new ways to gain business efficiencies and improve cash flow.

DeJUZ Consulting can help your educational institution increase market share, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and capitalize on brand awareness in the market and assist students to address their career and educational needs. Our higher education team has an unparalleled breadth and depth of experience in student recruitment issues, operational collaboration structures, and the control provisions of colleges and universities. With many years of experience providing services to higher education and students, we have a proven track record of success helping students, colleges and universities with all levels of enrollment.

DeJUZ Consulting brings to the table a unique combination of consultancy and performance improvement expertise. Our broad-based view allows us to identify your institution's specific challenges and provide answers quickly, resulting in a comprehensive, thoroughly researched solution focused on budget control and cash flow management.

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Your Advantages

  • We provide collaboration with University/College to seek suitable colleges and universities in Africa that are interested to Offer off Campus Programmes.
  • We Provide students with objective evaluation and information guidance and support, to address students' needs and requirements.
  • We provide assistance for application process and enrolment for the locations and courses of their choices.
  • We provides assistance in the Visa application, information about immigration procedures and lists of accommodations

Our experienced professionals have helped many students by offering the best recommendation for their careers, and colleges and universities succeed in today's highly competitive educational environment through partnership in Africa. Contactus: to find out how we can help you. DeJUZ Consulting also provides advisory services to students. We focus on creating a knowledge-based workforce by producing students who possess prestigious academic qualification, skills competency, confidence and holistic characters to study abroad.

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