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DeJUZ Consulting Online is a client-focused website that enhances client communication and collaboration with our clients. A flexible, web-based relationship tool, DeJUZ Consulting Online enables clients to select specific content to be delivered to their customised site and completed projects. 

DeJUZ Consulting Online enables clients to work more closely with their assigned DeJUZ Consulting team, focusing on the meeting and tasks at hand.

How DeJUZ Consulting Online Relationship can help our clients:

  • provides a centralized repository for appointment documents with controlled access to documents, folders or projects
  • manages workflow to achieve greater transparency into the appointment
  • automatically notifies other team members informing them of changes to documents or resources

DeJUZ Consulting Online Knowledge Based Delivery & Tools provides:

  • a single point of entry to DeJUZ Consulting's premium tools and resources
  • modified content through delivery of client-specific business perspectives and articles
  • news and information related to their industry, service offering and geographic locations


DeJUZ Consulting Online is easily accessible across time zones; all that's needed is a login ID and a high-speed internet connection.


Security features keep appointment information private and confidential. DeJUZ Consulting Online is a secure environment that exceeds industry security standards.


Contact your DeJUZ Consulting appointment team and ask about DeJUZ Consulting Online.

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