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We Combine Forces to Create Value

Exempt organizations can only derive value from a consultative relationship when their consultant is aligned with both their culture and their business objectives - and has the experience and skills necessary to solve their problems. At DeJUZ Consulting, we believe in the following: Success is achieved by collaboration with our clients. The most effective change can only happen when we work with and through your companies.

Solving operational problems requires a combination of experienced people, effective application of technology, and a deep understanding of exempt organizations' operational processes and best practices. Technology alone doesn't solve problems. Just supplying "warm bodies" doesn't work either. We can't do everything well. We have skills and knowledge in specific areas of government and technology, and our best approach is being straight with clients about how we can help them - and when we can't.

DeJUZ Consulting delivers a highly integrated and thoroughly coordinated approach to performance improvement. Here are some of our guiding principles:

  • Our projects always begin by understanding your unique operational needs. We focus on how we can help you create tangible improvements in navigating complex issues, conserving limited resources, bridging agency boundaries, responding to higher citizen expectations, and risk reduction.
  • We apply our deep experience and broad knowledge to create for you a unique solution that is based upon those needs. Our focus is on the right solution, not fitting something we already have to your needs. It is said that "If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail." DeJUZ Consulting looks at the entire range of possible solutions.
  • Our solutions incorporate risk management as well as performance improvement. The best solutions maximize impact in an era of constrained resources while being good stewards of citizen's resources.
  • We help implement those solutions through a blended, integrated team that collaborates to solve your operational problems. Once the project is complete, our approach ensures successful knowledge transfer to ensure sustainable long-term benefits are achieved. 
  • DeJUZ Consulting offers a project management approach that provides leadership, not just administration. We offer experienced people with practical knowledge as well as a formal methodology that includes detailed planning, constant communication, and status updates.
  • Our approach recognizes that a successful outcome is dependent on addressing the organizational, cultural, and communication issues inherent in change management environments.

Presently, we are the appointed education consultant for many Universities and Collegesin Malaysia and Singapore. Leading education hub in the region and focusing on creating a knowledge-based workforce by producing graduates who possess prestigious academic qualification, skills competency, confidence and holistic characters.

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