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Our Education consulting Approach

Our Business Philosophy : Our dedication to a lifelong learning mission underpins our business philosophy.

As a corporate educational consulting, we are guided by clear values in the achievement of organisational objectives. We ensure that our core business is to provide quality education consultancy through professional and efficient services. We focus on creating a knowledge-based workforce by producing professionals who possess prestigious academic qualification, skills competency, confidence and holistic characters.

We continuously develop our management expertise while strengthening our performance culture in line with our aspiration to be competitive and productive. We nurture noble management ethics by demonstrating accountability to those we serve, upgrading the quality of employee welfare and organisational work culture, and forging closer institutional ties with all sectors of industry.

What is Included

  • Initial interview with parents and the student: to identify the issues, concerns, goals and expectations the family has for their student. Conversation about the types of schools or programs which may be available, as well as the student academic, social and psychological history is discussed.
  • Independent conversation with the student: to assess the personality, interests and goals of that student.
  • Collaboration: Colleges/Universities for Off Campus Programmes.
  • Contact with important professional resources: who have interfaced with the family and student in the last two or three years.
  • Research into appropriate school/program placement: Presentation of a school list to the family of those schools which meet the student's needs, as well as provide information as to the school's strengths and weaknesses
  • Communication with schools and programs as deemed necessary.
  • Ongoing consultation during the application process regarding applications, visits, etc.
  • Follow-up advice and support after students are enrolled.

Your Benefits

  • Student Visa application advice
  • Easy application procedure
  • Introduction to different courses from different institutions
  • Advice on different educational institutions
  • Advice on ciritairies required
  • faster process cycle times,
  • better data integrity,
  • lower cost of compliance,
  • less transaction processing costs and reduced re-work, and
  • Manual intervention.

Along with design and implementation skills and know-how, DeJUZ Consulting provided project management, mentoring, process re-engineering and change management support for our clients.

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