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DeJUZ Consulting Financial Services Industry practices offer a wide range of services that are specifically designed for financial institutions in the banking, securities, insurance, and investment management sectors. In addition to audit consulting and mergers and acquisitions , we offer services in areas such as risk management and technology solutions.

These are then tailored to the unique requirements of our clients through dedicated financial services practices in more 20 countries. Our research program on Industry issues and trends offer clients insights into marketplace developments.

Our work in IT solutions encompasses two interrelated services: 1) Strategic Technology Assessment; and 2) Strategic Technology Plan Development. Within the context of the assessment, we evaluate the current state of your technology and compile a report that recommends how you can better acquire, manage and deploy it.

How You Benefit

  • Improved utilization. We often help clients do more with the technology they already have, thereby avoiding unnecessary investments in new systems.
  • Long-term value. Our methodology lays the groundwork for effective management of your technology long after our engagement ends.
  • Strategic direction. We look beyond your day-to-day technology concerns to ensure that our recommendations dovetail with your organization's overall strategic direction.
  • Industry specialization. Our technology consultants work exclusively in the financial services industry, so you'll gain from our experience with other banks and our knowledge of industry trends.

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