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To share knowledge and build relationships, DeJUZ Consulting and its people publish market issues that impact your business and encourage industry and thought leaders to meet and discuss their own experiences as well as the issues that impact today's business environment.

Below are the lists of topics of our publications.

Understanding Your Marketing Environment (requires Adobe Acrobat)
Methods Companies can use to Reduce Employee Fraud (requires Adobe Acrobat)
Why Values and Vision are Important in the Organisations (requires Adobe Acrobat)
The Need for IT Governance in your Business (requires Adobe Acrobat)
The Fundamentals of Franchising Development (requires Adobe Acrobat)
Franchising Work. INTRAPRENEURSHIP IN FRANCHISING BUSINESS (requires Adobe Acrobat)
The Strategic Planning Process (requires Adobe Acrobat)
Mergers and Acquisitions Transformation (requires Adobe Acrobat)
The need to have Competitive Advantage (requires Adobe Acrobat)


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