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At DeJUZ Consulting, our experts demonstrate proven marketing expertise in the areas of planning, direct and indirect marketing and analysis.

Marketing is central to success in today's competitive business environment. Our marketing services focus on the strategic direction of an organization and its opportunities in the marketplace. We use our expertise in profitability measurement and data mining to target specific customers and prospect groups, and to design specific marketing programs to maximize revenue. With our dedicated professionals in strategic marketing, creative services, database development and direct marketing, we can help target marketing efforts to improve response rates and increase profits for your company.

Principal Services

  • Customer relationship marketing
  • Brand development
  • New market penetration strategy
  • Strategic marketing consulting
  • Product development
  • Pricing strategies
  • Distribution strategy and channel analysis
  • New Market Entry Strategy Services
  • Customer satisfaction and marketing research
  • Product or service positioning strategy

Innovation Management

Achieving Growth from Innovation

Innovation is the greatest driver of sustainable growth and competitive advantage today. With us, our clients are able to access insights from our Innovation Consulting team, lead by Principal Consultant Michael Moses . We ensure that our clients are able to take full advantage of innovative ideas in a systematic way and derive value from them.

Several factors impel an organisation to innovate in new product or services. They include profit making, market penetration, market share increment, competition, customer expectation, shorter product life cycle, and changing technologies. However, innovation in new product or services development is about management of change, and change is not only viewed as risky, but a threat to status quo. Thus, in most organization, there is the natural tendency to resist change. Our Innovation Consulting team will help clients understand the processes of leveraging from innovative ideas.

Our Principal Services

  • Risk Analysis
  • Establish plans for innovative ideas
  • Strategic planning for effective result
  • Analysis of the financial impact.
  • Cost analysis.

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